Our Mission

Our mission is to talk about cars in a natural way: people ask simple questions and get clear answers right away. That’s how we communicate with each other in life – in the form of a dialogue.

Many clients have had their cars serviced at our car service and asked related questions. And I noticed that the expert’s quick answers helped car owners better understand how cars work.

I always liked talking to our clients, and such conversations increased the level of trust in our auto service center.

As a result, both parties benefited.

This motivated me to make a website that could contain lots of questions about cars and provide expert answers to them.

This educational project will be able to grow for years to come and help not only newcomers who have recently purchased a car, but also older car owners.

Benjamin Rigdon, coxautoservice.net

About Benjamin Rigdon

Benjamin Rigdon

Benjamin Rigdon is a skilled auto mechanic who has been working in the industry for over 15 years. His strong passion for cars and their mechanics, along with the family-owned auto service business, nurtured his love for engineering.

Benjamin specializes in car maintenance and has experience in working with a diverse range of vehicles, from classic cars to modern hybrids. He is well-known for his attention to detail and ability to identify potential issues and fix them before they result in significant problems.

When it comes to client servicing, Benjamin is equally adept. He takes time to explain car maintenance and servicing to his clients in simple language and always provides honest advice. Apart from work, Benjamin enjoys spending time with his family and exploring hiking trails.

Additionally, he volunteers his time at local schools, educating students about the importance of car maintenance and safety.

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