How do I store my car for the winter?

How do I store my car for the winter
  1. Check and Change Fluids. Before winter storage, it’s best to have your car fully serviced with an oil change as well as a fluid flush and replacement.
  2. Leave Gas in the Tank. …
  3. Clean and Polish the Car. …
  4. Disconnect and Remove the Battery. …
  5. Close off Entry Points. …
  6. Place the Car on Jack Stands. …
  7. Ensure Insurance and Documentation.

Can you store a car in the winter?

As Canadians, we know a thing or two about storing vehicles for the winter time. Unfortunately, that’s because many of our classic cars, hot rods, and motorcycles can only be enjoyed for half the year. I’ve been storing my MR2 during the off season for 14 years now.

How do you store a car?

In addition to a car cover, consider a vehicle jacket for storage. Just drive your car onto the jacket, put a soft car cover on it (this is a must), and zip up the outer plastic jacket. This solution provides protection from moisture, rust, rodents and dust.

How do you store your car batteries for the winter?

I always pull the batteries out of my vehicles before storing them for the winter. I keep them at home on a wooden shelf and top them up with a tender once a month to make sure they stay fully charged. Yes, this will wipe out any radio presets and clocks. But it’s worth it to know that my vehicles will fire up effortlessly in the spring.

Should I use a car cover when storing my car?

It will help in case someone tries to steal something from your car. Use a car cover only for outdoor storage, or in very dusty locations. Leaving the car “open” indoors allows water vapor to leave the car after humid weather. Should weight be taken off the springs, shocks and suspension when storing a car for the winter?

How do I protect my car when parked outside?


  1. Don’t Park Underneath Trees. If possible, don’t park your car underneath trees. …
  2. Use a windshield sunshade. …
  3. Wash Your Car. …
  4. Wax Your Car. …
  5. Apply Trim Protectants to Exterior Plastics, Rubber, and Moldings. …
  6. Apply Interior Protectants. …
  7. Consider a Sealant or Ceramic Coating.

What to do if you have to park your car outside?

Here are some ideas to protect your car if you have to park it outside: Apply a wax, sealant or coating to protect the paintwork. Apply an interior plastic sealant to prevent fading. Wash the car frequently to avoid contamination build up. Try and park in the shade or near buildings which provide protection.

How do I protect my car from a car accident?

Your garage or car port will protect your car, and so will covered public parking like parking garages. You can also cover your car as best as you can – you can use a car cover if you have one, or blankets or tarps or even your floor mats if you don’t. Pull over under a freeway overpass for cover if you can.

How can I prolong the life of my car outside?

A cover with a cable lock that loops under the car keeps others from taking it off without your knowledge, but it’s annoying to use. If you don’t want a cover, you can prolong the life of your car outside in other ways. Wash it often. You’ll keep paint-damaging debris from accumulating. “Wash your car weekly if it’s parked outside.

How do I protect my car when parked outside

How do I protect my car from snow?

Getting a car cover: To protect your car from snow, hail, and other extreme winter weather, consider purchasing a car cover or car storage tent. Both options do a great job protecting your vehicle’s paint from debris, hail, and direct contact with the snow.

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