What should I service at 60000 km?

What should I service at 60000 km

Every 60,000 kms Change timing belt / balancer. Water pump replacement recommended. Revamp suspension (some cars may require this earlier). Change all drive belts.

What should I do at 60000 miles?

The Importance of a 60,000 Mile Service Oil change. Tire rotation and/or replacement. Replace spark plugs. Change timing belts. Air filter replacement. Cabin air filter replacement. Full brake inspection. Brake pad replacement. Should you do 60000 mile maintenance? 60k Service should be performed on your vehicle at about 60,000 miles.

What is a 60,000 mile (60K) maintenance service?

The 60,000 mile (60K) maintenance service is critical in keeping your new car warranty in effect if its warranty period exceeds 60,000 miles (Most drive train warranties do, independent of the overall bumper-to-bumper warranty). It should be noted that it is just as important to follow the correct 60,000 mile (60K) service schedule.

How many miles does a car need to be serviced?

The brakes should also be inspected. 50,000 miles: The 50,000-mile service is a particularly important milestone in your car maintenance schedule. When your car hits 50,000 miles, you’ll need to replace worn parts such as brake pads; install a new fuel filter; and drain and replace the automatic transmission fuel and filter.

What should I do when my car hits 50,000 miles?

When your car hits 50,000 miles, you’ll need to replace worn parts such as brake pads; install a new fuel filter; and drain and replace the automatic transmission fuel and filter. The exhaust system, muffler, catalytic converter and suspension components should also be inspected and worn parts should be swapped out.

What is a typical 10000 mile service?

Generally, by around 10,000 miles of running up and down, your vehicle is due for its first service maintenance. This initial service round is not really very demanding, and it usually just include the need for tire rotation, air filter, oil change and parts (cooling and brake systems) inspection.

How much did you pay for the 10,000 mile service?

I paid $300 for the 10,000 mile service at my HD dealership. They did the work while I waited about 2-1/2 hours, paid the bill and rode off. The work was done well, the cycle was as clean (no finger prints etc) as when I brought it in. While I’m sure I could have done it myself and saved money I just didn’t want to.

What are the most important car maintenance milestones?

Stay on top of the most important maintenance milestones with this car maintenance schedule. Your car’s odometer can clue you in on when to perform necessary vehicle maintenance. Here are the mileage milestones to watch for and what to do when you hit them. 5,000 miles: Schedule an oil change every 5,000 miles.

Do you need to replace transmission fluid during a 100,000 mile maintenance appointment?

In all likelihood, your transmission fluid, oil, coolant, power steering fluid, and brake fluid will all require to be replaced during your 100,000 mile maintenance appointment. Remember, first things first: start by consulting your car’s service manual, which was prepared by the folks who designed and built your vehicle.

What fluids need to be changed at 60 000 miles?

At 60,000 miles, you will need to do a lot more checks. You should replace the brake pads and brake fluid, radiator hoses, power steering fluid, coolant, and timing belt.

How often do you change brake fluid on a high mileage car?

Every 60,000 Miles Replace brake pads and brake fluid, radiator hoses, coolant, power steering fluid and timing belt. What maintenance does a high mileage car need?

How often should a transmission fluid change be done?

Most shops recommend a transmission fluid change every 60,000 miles but manufacturer suggestions span from 30,000 to 100,000 miles. Either way, it’s an important maintenance task that can extend the life of your transmission. You can save up to $100 by doing a transmission fluid change yourself.

What should I do after 180,000 miles?

180,000 miles: Inspect the seals on the vehicle’s axles and drive shafts and replace those that are leaking. Also clean the airflow sensor, inspect the timing chain and engine and transmission mounts, and change the power steering fluid.

What fluids need to be changed at 60 000 miles

How often should you change your car’s belts and fluids?

In addition to belts and fluids, most auto manufacturers recommend replacing a few other items as well. For instance, changing out your spark plugs is a relatively easy task that should be part of the 100,000 mile maintenance. Don’t be afraid to change the car’s fuel filter, air filter, internal air filter, and PCV valve too.

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